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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I now pronounce you.... Mrs. Case!

One thing I have grown to LOVE about doing photography is seeing people you haven't seen in FOREVER! One of those people happen to be a friend of mine that I was very close too in high school and a few years after. The phone rang on a Monday evening and there was no way I could turn her down.. two days later after the kids went to bed.. I ran out and met her to do a quick and easy bridal shoot that one ended up being in the state paper for her announcement. Of course I clipped it out and put it on the fridge like a little kid (showing off my work). A was so much fun to work with and she even busted out the cowgirl boots during the shoot which I fell in LOVE with and is a must on my Christmas list now. Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Case! You are a beautiful pair and I'm truly sorry we couldn't make it to your wedding.. I was in the middle of shooting another one but I did think of you all day long. Best wishes to you both! Muah.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I looked through yours too and your photography is FABULOUS!

  2. These look great! That last one with the boots is of course my fav!!!

  3. Thanks for the great encouragement. You made my day. Can I ask you, when you just make a disk and give it to your client, how many pictures do you usually put on it? I did not print any, just shot pic's and gave them a disk. Just trying to figure this all out. And you are great at answering my questions. Your pic's look great, by the way. Take care.

  4. Gorgeous! You are so talented!


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